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We at Elim Lodge are delighted that you are interested in volunteering with us. Volunteers are a crucial part to the work of Elim Lodge. We would not be able to function like we do without the generous contribution of time, energy, and expertise volunteers have given over the years. We trust that your volunteer experience with us will be rewarding and that you will build lasting relationships.

Since its beginning, volunteers have been an integral part of the life of this ministry.  They have played a major role in the part of the ministry that addresses the spiritual needs of people.  Their labour has enhanced the physical attractiveness and maintenance of this facility.  The governing board is made up entirely of volunteers.

So it is no wonder that Elim values volunteers.  Many things are accomplished that would not otherwise be, simply because volunteers make them happen.  The Bible is clear that we are to serve one another, and Elim volunteers are great servants of our guests and staff, this ministry, and God.

Please consider how you might be involved this year.  Our spring and fall work weeks provide times when major work needs to be completed to prepare for the coming seasons. Meals and accommodations are provided for these two work weeks. 

All summer long there are many tasks that are essential to the smooth flow of the Conference.  Volunteering can be for a few hours, days, weeks, or months.  It can be behind the scenes or right up front; indoors or outdoors; once or continuous.

There is satisfaction in making a difference.

If you wish to volunteer at Elim Ministries as an individual or as a group please Apply Online or download our Volunteer Application Form.


Bookeeper Position - Elim Lodge (Click image below)

SUMMER Employment:

May to Sept 3rd, 2018

  • Children Ministry Director (1) overseas a team of about 2 for toddlers, 7 with older children
  • Youth ministry Director /sports and Events (2) – ages 12 +
  • Head Life Guard ( 6-7 others)
  • General Maintenance – prepping grounds and facilities for the summer, clean beach, garbage must be able to drive  (2)

July to Sept 3rd , 2018

  • Life Guards (6)
  • Children’s workers who double to work in waitressing or housekeeping
  • Snackery workers (4)
  • Kitchen help – dishwashing  (2)
  • One tech and video person  to help in other areas as time permits.

Deadline for summer staff applications: March 31, 2018

Apply Online



Elim Lodge Christian Resort and Conference
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If you wish to work for Elim Ministries please complete our online application here or download our Employee Application Form.  Additionally resumes should be e-mailed to: Director AT elimlodge DOT com

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Elim Ministries
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