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Motels 28 – 34 are on the front side of the motel building (facing the park) and 35- 40 are on the back side of the motel (facing transient camping). All of the motels have 2 burner hotplates, full fridges, microwaves, air conditioning/ heat and have been recently updated. These units are rented out year round.

Motel 28, 29, 32, 33, 36- 39: These motels are standard units (all in one room) with a Queen bed and either a Queen or Double Sofa bed.  These units have a capacity of 4.
Motel 30 & 31: These motels are standard units with 2 Double beds and a capacity of 4.
Motel 34 & 35: These motels are 1 bedroom units with a Queen bed and Double Sofa bed in the main room and either a Queen bed or a Double bed in the bedroom. These units have a capacity of 6.
Motel 40: Motel 40 is our biggest motel room with 2 bedrooms. It has a Queen bed in the main room, a Queen bed in first bedroom and 2 Single beds in the second bedroom.  This accommodation has a capacity of 6.

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Pictures updated: June 4 2014