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Elim Acres 1:  Elim Acres 1 is the upper apartment of our Acres building (covers the whole top floor), is located in the North East area of the park, and has 2 bedrooms.  It has 2 Queen beds (one in each room) and a Double Sofa bed.  This accommodation has a spacious living room and fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning/ heat, deck and has a capacity of 6.  This accommodation is available for rent year round.

Elim Acres 2 & 3: Elim Acres 2 and 3 are the lower two apartments of the Acres building (located in the North East side of the park). Each apartment has 1 bedroom with a Queen bed and a Double Sofa bed in the living area.  Recently updated, these accommodations have a spacious washroom, air conditioning/ heat, a fully equipped kitchen and a capacity of 4.  These accommodations are available for rent year round.

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Pictures updated: June 5 2014